Weight/Carry (in progress)

Maybe we don't need to remember all the details.
Maybe we shouldn't obsessively capture every moment in fear of forgetting.
Maybe we should just rely on our autonomous survival mechanism: we'll remember what we need to, what is important, and forget the rest. Every now and then unexpected memories will come floating, appearing like a solemn blue whale breaking the surface of our sea of consciousness through a wondrous neurological process we've yet to fully understand.
Above all, our whale puts things into perspective. Helps us carry things. Lightens the weight. Tells us everything will be ok, and allows us to look into the future, have hopes and dreams.
We are what we carry with us, and what we leave behind.





An ongoing collection of vignettes, this work continues the thought process of Mono No Aware and is a reflection upon the weight that each and every one of us carries.

It is a witnessing of memories, hopes and dreams, and realities. Our past and our future both pulling at our present, ripping out pieces each from their own side, shaping us, chaining us down and setting us free at the same time.

At the same time it is a contemplation on photography as a medium, slowly stripping away the seemingly unbreakable connection that photography has to reality, and searching for a visualisation of meaning instead.