The Blue Skies Project

"Consciousness has internalized and submerged the sensation of the bold summer colours of that immense space; of the cerulean skies, the aeroplanes – and of the boy gazing at them and forgetting everything around him. There is almost no return to that Metropolis, with its sombre colours, with the sense of the immutable law that encloses all its beings within confines of allotted time and of death; that is, there is almost no sense of a return to that world without a sense of return to those wonderful colours, to that tranquil, magical and beckoning experience of those blue skies of the summer of 1944 in Auschwitz-Birkenau."

from: Landscapes of the Metropolis of Death - Otto Dov Kulka; Published by Allen Lane, 2013, ISBN 978-1-84614-683-1; p76.


"The Blue Skies Project" is a long-term work in progress. It is a book & installation project, in which I personally try to make sense of the Holocaust during the second World War. I attempt to understand and show my feelings about and vision on the massive suffering that has happened... and hopefully, in a tiny way, help to never forget.



At this moment, I'm visiting every known Nazi camp and sub camp (following the Encyclopedia of Camps and Ghettos published by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum) and I make a polaroid image of the blue sky exactly above each location. There were 1,074 camps. A blue sky, and nothing else. A clear view on 1,074 skies, sober and blue, yet burdened with holding the memory of the ones who suffered below. Standing on the same places as the victims, and looking up at that same sky.


Every time I set out on a trip to document another set of skies, I'll document it on the blog too. You can follow the online account of the progress of me continually creating The Blue Skies Project here: 


The creation of the elements is slowly becoming a reality. In the meantime I talk about the concept evolving, the idea for a book taking shape, and I'll also try to show images and make them available in little batches or stories, like this one: Meet Gaston, my late grandfather.




The Blue Skies Project is being produced by Monica Allende and Screen (


Important preliminary research for The Blue Skies Project was supported by STROOM Limburg (Belgium).