The Blue Skies Project

Getxophoto exhibit proposal


Dear Monica and Jokin,

Here is a private page with my proposal for the installation of The Blue Skies Project. Please feel free to share the link with people who need to see. As you both know, it is impossible and too sensitive to show the original 1078 polaroid images because they cannot be adequately protected, therefor I propose to show 1:1 reproductions. Making reproductions also gives us more freedom on the conceptual side, and to fit into the Getxophoto festival. I have also added a bespoke sound by Ruben Samama, and an optional video loop projection.

I understand that the production will be done by the festival. I hope this concept will fit in the possibilities, and i feel it is a powerful visualisation of the work. 





1078 Blue skies, suspended in a room, lighted by projection, surrounded by a sound piece by Ruben Samama.


front view


top view, possible light location to shine on the hanging images

top view



Elements - to be produced

  • Central piece top and bottom: same material as the black boards and walls that are already part of Getxophoto
  • 1078 x 1:1 (10,8x8,5 cm) reproductions of polaroids, mounted on 1mm alu or 2mm dibond (silver or black), hanging from thin string at different heights
    >>> digital files available
  • audio piece with soft tones that continuously play throughout the time of exhibition
    >>> digital file available
  • mounted prints of vernacular images that represent pieces of a fictional navigation map so the viewer can grasp the journey
    >>> digital files available
  • the projection of a video loop directly onto the hanging polaroids (optional)
    >>> digital files available



Polaroid (size 10,8x8,5cm, 1078 images, individually mounted on aluminium or silver/black dibond)


Audio piece by Ruben Samama (looping audio file sample: there is a tone once in a while; play at high volume, ambient sounds are added here for comparison)


Vernacular images

image negative details and design elements that refer to a fictional navigation aid for the skies and the camps.