YAKUZA published in GEO Epoche


Recently, the incredibly friendly and professional people at GEO Epoche magazine in Germany contacted me to supply images for their new issue about the history of organized crime throughout the world. Specifically, they wanted to use my images to complement their 18 page chapter about the history of the Yakuza in Japan from 1945 to 2010... of course I gladly obliged. This special issue #48 hits the stands today April 13, 2011.

The editors at GEO Epoche are an absolute joy to work with. Super professional, an incredible eye to detail, and strong research, they also valued my opinions and possible safety concerns and the overall context. I've always felt it a very sensitive issue to give control away over the context of my images, but I have never felt at any moment that they treated it lightly. I am very impressed.

Oh, and they're also including an image of mine in their newsletter, 15 extra images in a slide show on their website to promote the story, and they're also making mention of the upcoming ODO YAKUZA TOKYO book (more about that book very soon), and the second issue of 893 Magazine.

I simply couldn't be happier the way this all came together. Online, offline, printed, screen, past, present, future,.... all in one big mix.

Below you can see the actual layout of the spreads in the GEO Epoche printed magazine (issue #48), and these are the links to the connected online content: GEO Epoche - issue #48, the chapter about the Yakuza and  the Yakuza slide show (both in German).