A Quickie | YAKUZA Posters


Remember the posters you used to hang up on your bedroom wall as a kid? I wonder where they've gone. I even remember there used to be entire poster shops, right? You know, with big plastic covers over the posters and you could leaf through them like a huge book, and when I was a kid sometimes I couldn't even turn over the pages that's how heavy they were. And then when you bought a poster the shop keeper would go into this back room to a huge rack full of rolled up and folded posters and somehow magically knew which poster to give - like he could see through the paper.

What I've always loved about posters is that they're so tangible: you get to wear them out with thumbtacks or tape... and then... then they really start looking good. Just like books... I love books when they're dog eared, coffee stained, and fall apart at the seams... the signs of living a full life.

For a while now I've offered these posters for sale at every exhibit, as a bonus for those who come to visit. On typical thin poster paper, pre-folded, add a little white or black space and some minimal type... they scream "abuse me, hang me up, fold me, tape me, tack me, tear me, let the sun bleach me... or be very careful and frame me. Just don't put me away somewhere dark and lonely..."

7,5€ (approx. $8.5) for a poster and a matching envelope (excluding shipping). They come pre-folded so they ship flat & inexpensive. And I've signed them on the front with a big fat marker pen. Twenty-five times cheaper than an 8"x10" archival quality signed print. Nine images, nine posters.

Yeah sure, you can buy all of them if you want :-) 

Oh my. This is fun. Did I mention that I only printed 100 copies of each? The stock isn't gonna last long.... hurry hurry. 


Cheers!  a