One month and 4 days | YAKUZA "limited edition" sold out

View of central Tokyo

View of central Tokyo

I never thought it would go this way. I expected to sell about half of what I printed, ever.

Instead, the book ODO YAKUZA TOKYO opened on BURN on June 17,  and now, 34 days later, the 500 copy limited edition is sold out... If you have any enquiries about this edition, just send me a direct email.

Today I'm wrapping the final book to ship. It does feel kind of sentimental.

Completely honored, and grateful to the chance I've been given, I now need a rest. Just a short one. One week.

I'll be going on a little road trip with my lover, and after that, spend August at home, recharging, taking things easy, making my mind empty... and planting some seeds.

The Yakuza project is not in any way over of course, but just so you know: many more exciting things are going to be started soon...

Thank you all who bought the book, it has been a life-changing positive experience. I hope I will be granted many more of these.


thank you all, a