What’s in my camera bag right now | super lightweight

anton kusters yakuza setup

Hey all,

I though this one would be fun... this is my actual setup for shooting 893-Yakuza in Tokyo... super super lightweight & urban.

Almost all items here are obviously weather specific and location specific: in November-December it's cold and rainy in Tokyo.

I'm NO tech person, but here's the list:

  • a pack of paper hankerchiefs, a lens cloth
  • any random palstic bag
  • a woolen cap, a super lightweight raincoat
  • a "pocket communicator": crucial for situations when you don't speak the local language and need help
  • my passport and credit card and other necessary travel/ID docs
  • extra batteries
  • flash
  • secondary camera (set up as rangefinder)
  • main camera (rangefinder) with just one lens (but a great one)
  • pens & pencils, markers, little notebook
  • memory cards
  • audio recorder
  • super dooper business cards with images of my work (extremely important in Japan)
  • mini tripod
  • signed David Alan Harvey bag, with custom padded inserts

Money and phone are usually not in my bag.

There are some specific realities to shooting in a metropolis like Tokyo, all of which obviously affect my setup: if anything breaks, I can usually have it fixed it within hours, or event rent or buy new equipment; that's why I have no no need for more than one main camera/lens combination.

The bag is of course crucial: this particular bag is the lightest one around (I have to be able to carry it for a long long time), completely waterproof when closed, is low key black, has very easy inside pockets, a cross strap, and room enough for my gear sitting in padded inserts. And of course having it signed by David Alan Harvey makes me invincible :-)

If i shoot video, my setup differs suprisingly little to the above:

  • add video camera + batteries (video camera uses the same lens as the main rangefinder camera)
  • add shotgun mic
  • add tripod, steadycam, scorpion

As you can see, I'm more of a traveller than a tech person... Obviously the reason for this all has to do with subject, location, type of project, type of photography... but I think I've nailed my setup pretty good this time: every element in the bag is crucial, and as far as I can tell I can't leave anything more out of the bag to make it even lighter. I seldom use my flash, so I would be inclined to maybe let that one go first...

Any thoughts?