The Baltic Sea, 2015

I swear I only read the horoscope after the fact, and entirely by accident. And I still don't believe in those kind of things. But the fact happened nonetheless. Due to some freak coincidence of unrelated events, things hit me and I gained some major insights. Not without some agony of course.

These insights now feel good in a weird way that I now know where I stand; and more importantly, because of that, that I also know what lies ahead of me. A mountain to climb. A sea to swim.

Knowing what lies ahead, however huge it is, is comforting. I'd rather know and have to do something hard, than not know and not be able to do anything. Not knowing is frustrating, debilitating, demoralising. Knowing means I can focus, instead of being helpless throwing punches in the dark. Knowing allows me to either succeed, or to fail with only myself to hold accountable. Yes, I know there are always circumstances that arise, and pure luck plays a big role too. But at least I'll be walking in the right direction.

"Knowing" really is half the battle. And I'm in good spirits now, finally knowing where it's at.