The train



I'm on a train to Paris. 

Somehow, if I can help it, I like most to sit facing backwards. I have no idea why, but it makes me feel more at ease. Visiting friends this time. Super short, just three days. We're usually scattered all over the globe, every one of us busy as hell, with only the occasional skype or imessage or whatsapp to keep in touch. And the occasional tongue-in-cheek over instagram of course... what else...

So once in a while, we'd be kind of on the same continent, with kind of the same flexibility in our schedules.... a message here, a message there... and suddenly it appears it might actually be possible to physically meet up this time. Yes, sure, more often than not, something still comes up and none of us can make it. Yes, sure, we know we've got so much business to take care of that we'll hardly have time to talk. But I'll wager that it isn't the actual reason why we relentlessly keep on trying to meet up time and again. And as much as I now already miss home, I'm looking forward to this one: that split second of looking each other in the eye again after so long, instantly seeing all is ok, and having a drink. This is what it's about. 

Oh, and details get filled in at the inevitable late night campfire that follows, of course.

I'm on a train to Paris.