The Easy Part

Not so long ago in Berlin.

I really, really, really don't know where the series is going yet... but there's something in the images I'd like to explore.

I went to Berlin for two weeks, looking to see if a new story – that was playing in my mind – was actually possible. I worked hard setting up everything right, and friends helped me out for many crucial parts. I played over all possible scenarios in my head countless times.

And of course reality turned out to be something completely different.

We all know this mostly happens, and we all know we must be prepared to adapt at all times. Mind you, I'm not thinking "different" in terms of "better" or "worse". The project just became "different" in se, in every possible way. I eventually ended up asking myself if I should hold on to the story I envisioned, or let the unfolding reality in front of me take me along for the ride? Or could I make both fit together? Were they even that different? A tour de force?

I'm now letting everything sink in at home. I'm empty and full at the same time. I hit rock bottom there doubting myself and my abilities. Yet I met amazing people with beautiful stories that I would sooooo like to visualise in the best way I possibly can. Need to. Their stories. The common ground they represent.

Pretty vague right now, I know, I know... but I'll come up with a title and a good description as soon as I have just a few more images... Slowly and steady, right?

I must say, it feels like I'm on a huge crossroad for this one, constantly being swayed left to right, top to bottom. Love it. Hate it. Continue. Abandon. Move on. Get real. Make better images. But even though all that's happening, I still see something in the imperfect images I already have.

So I kind of have nowhere to hide, right?

All is set.

I just need to make many, many, strong images.



As if that's the easy part.