Buy the 2nd edition of the book ODO YAKUZA TOKYO



These past two months have been great. Humbling also. More than anything else, I'm incredibly grateful for all the attention YAKUZA gets everywhere... Many good things have happened and I'm hoping many more good things will come. And it started all on BURN magazine with David Alan Harvey as my mentor... I literally owe you everything, amigo.

I’ve literally received more than a thousand emails after the limited edition sold out, asking if there were plans for a second (general) edition of ODO YAKUZA TOKYO. At the time, I’ve always responded with neither "yes" or "no", mainly because I needed a break in August to think things over... find new projects, do some research, get everything in order, rest my weary mind, take a little nap, etc...

And then came the press attention... attention and support which, without fault, has been super professional and incredibly heartwarming... GEO, GEO Epoche, The Sunday Times, El Pais, BBC, BBC Radio 4, BBC Mundo, Dagens Næringsliv, Blurb, The Japan Times, Chasseur D'Images, Rencontres d'Arles,... so many, and there's still more to come (stay tuned!).

I'm genuinely happy and excited... And I realize all the above is giving me an opportunity to reach more people with a book than ever before, tell my story to a wider audience... participate.

So here's the plan: I literally just called the printer five minutes ago. Said it felt like it was time for a second edition.

He agreed and started preparing rightaway. He guaranteed that all books will be ready to ship October 30th, 2011. Wow.... just perfect... What else could I wish for...


Since this is not the limited first edition, there will be significant changes in the book: no Japanese transparent paper between chapters, not numbered as part of an edition, a cover change, and a different binding. The image edit will be exactly the same as the first edition though, except for the very last image, which is unique to the limited edition... Yes, for the 500 lucky ones who have supported me in buying the limited edition two months ago, rest assured: your copy is now more valuable than ever... it is a unique object, never to reproduced. Your support has made everything possible in the first place...

The price of this second edition? Also exactly the same. I want the first edition buyers to know that they have something special, but that they did not have to pay a premium price for this. That "extra" in the first edition is my token of appreciation for the trust they gave me.


Back to the second edition: I want to offer a token of trust for people buying this second edition... to me, as an independent artist publishing work, it's the thing that makes everything worthwile, that personal connection to you, buying the book...

So I'm offering the first 250 people who order a book a signed copy, and I will add an original YAKUZA print as well. (UPDATE: on september 12 2011, the first 250 orders were reached)

Again... thank you so much for the hundreds of supportive emails... and asking for a second edition. I heed your call.

And touch wood for me please...

And while you're at it, buy your copy here below NOW :-)

as of Nov 1, 2013, the second edition is sold out. The book is only available at exhibitions and possibly select book stores.