A little drive | Nissan GT-R Skyline

This is Soichiro driving me through the streets of Shinjuku, Tokyo, in his third generation 1989 Nissan GT-R Skyline. It's all white and retro as hell and yes, even though I'm not a car freak, I must admit it's very cool. I like retro. Click on the image to see a short video of me trying to capture the moment. I never even knew he bought the car, and on the last night that I was there two weeks ago, while my brother and I were walking in Kabukicho debriefing the past shoot, he casually asked: "fancy a little drive?" A little drive indeed. There were traffic jams everywhere in Tokyo, so we had to cut our drive short. In the footage you can see me in the rearviewmirror, desperately trying to hold the camera still... ...which obviously didn't work.