Summer | A contact sheet of New

Some new work. For now, I'll broadly define it as "Summer". More soon.

It started out as testing a new camera, and turned into shooting almost every day now. Slightly unusual for me, but I must confess I like this new approach a lot. And now I’ve been fortunate enough to acquire yet another camera. Who knows where this one will take me :)

Those who know me, know I tend to think things over – or, more accurately,  ”overthink" things. Even down to the point that I got stuck making new work at all. For sure this is my Achilles’ Heel. It became so bad that I started trying to control the uncontrollable. I really just needed to relax and let go.

Now, just a few months later, I’m much more in touch with things I should be in touch with… and I must say that it feels refreshing. Much like a necessary step forward. It seems I told myself to – at least temporarily – “worry about all those other things later”.

– insert long happy sigh here –

Knowing that there are in fact many "other things" in a project besides the actual image-making, and that I’m well capable of dealing with “those other things”, has been the deciding factor here.

You can't worry about "the other things" later if you don't know that there actually are other things. Understanding that your project has many facets, and consciously choosing to focus on one of them, is an entirely different thing than setting out to do that one thing as your only goal.

You have to be able to be the director of your own film and the DOP and the producer and the writer (etc etc), and also manage them all – or be able to become each of them at a point, knowing that they are all equally crucial. If it is your film, you cannot choose to "only" be the Director of Photography and hope (or expect) that the entire film will happen somehow – distribution included.


My "worrying later step" – of course – will be actually dealing with “those other things”. For example, by not calling them “those other things” anymore. Then trying to define them and find a balance that makes sense for me in that point in time. And then, ultimately, most probably, accepting that there are too many things in that balance that I cannot control. At all.

But at least I'll end up knowing what the mountain is, right?

Back to work. Talk soon. Have a great summer.