Interview in "Fotografie" magazine


I thought this was worth a mention: for an interview about my 893-Yakuza project, which will appear in the forthcoming January issue of Fotografie, a Dutch photography magazine, The Editor-in-Chief Diana Bokje (@dianabokje) does something special... not only does she print an interview which captures our various conversations very well, but she also reproduces 5 complete spreads directly out of 893 Magazine Issue#1, including original layout and texts. Simply amazing that someone not only recognizes but also acts upon the the link between images, layout, typography and writing in the 893-Yakuza project... which is so important... She already knows that I really appreciate this opportunity, but yet again: kudos.... Below are the spreads as they're appearing: I'll find out if there's a way to order the issue online, and I'll let you know. a