BURN.02 is going strong...

BURN.02 - book cover

BURN.02 - book cover

So we made it.

A tremendous collaborative effort led by super talented Diego Orlando, we created, printed and published our second book over at BURN Magazine, and we named it "BURN.02".

Almost two hundred pages of pure blood, sweat, tears & pride... with much original and commissioned work, never seen elsewhere.

I'm tremendously proud of the stunning work in there, and the fact that David Alan Harvey was able to pull it off yet again. And again, also this book is literally flying out the door... We printed a limited edition of 1,500 copies in Italy at Grafiche Antiga, and at the rate things are going, we'll be sold out pretty fast. Not bad for us tiny little team... and kudos to Diego for making it happen.

It's a true collector's item, so please... order your copy, spread the word, and support us in our cause... BUY BURN.02 HERE...