893 Magazine | Playing wide


I wonder how "wide" a photographer should be playing these days. It seems obvious to me that the time has passed that a photographer is merely required to make a good image.

Input has expanded from photography to video, internet, graphic design, writing,... Output has grown from just "a book" to a smart mix of different things that make up a whole experience (book, magazine, video, multimedia, website, gallery, exhibition, ...)

... and all of it seems to be crucially important. To be able to "widen your output" as a photographer, seems to me to require not only many more "input" skills than you are used to, but more importantly clever thinking what to "output" and how to combine those elements.

After I designed my magazine, I felt the need to be able to take my images further than just treating them as "photographs" in the traditional way. Not that the magazine is incomplete in any way, don't get me wrong... it's absolutely perfect... but it is also just one of the many parts of the story that is Yakuza.

(FYI the BOOK will be incredibly beautiful and relevant when it hits the presses -- for which I'm going to need some very specific help -- but more on that next time)

the agreement

I feel that by adding the stories I tell to my images, in a different way than is possible online, is an incredible enrichment to the story. So I designed a magazine that combines all the above into a package, the way that I actually envision it to be:

I'm not going to lift the veil just yet regarding other things that I'll be doing while "playing wide"... but 893 Magazine gets the honor of being first in line.

So as of now I'm selling it as a hardcopy. Exciting... I'll publish an issue twice a year, as long as the project goes.

I've worked on it for two months solid, and set the price at what I think it should be... so go ahead... indulge, enjoy... and please spread the word! post it to your blog, twitter it, call up your mom or shout it out in the streets... I depend on your help getting word out there. Seriously.

Grab a copy here.

In light of my recent win at Blurb's Photography Book Now contest, I've changed the above link to the new Blurb version of the same Issue. Those of you who ordered and received the original first edition of the first issue, you now actually own a very limited edition of my first publication... Hang on to it! More information here…

Yes I know, it's a big plunge - this is my first step to carve my way into independently publishing my work.

Obviously this is only the tip of the iceberg, and getting the complete Yakuza project out there will take on many shapes and forms. I'm just secretly hoping that 893 Magazine will gain enough momentum with you buying and spreading the word.......

So there it is. You guys have the scoop. With hopefully many more to come.