Individual Arts Grant from the Government of Flanders (2018-2019)

I’m honoured to the recipient of an Individual Arts Grant from the Government of Flanders for a one-year period in 2018-2019. This is a scholarship specifically aimed at giving an artist the necessary time and space to deepen and broaden his or her practice as a whole, with contemplation and reflection at its core.

It’s nigh impossible to buy time to step back and reflect nowadays, and few grants support this… this is one of them. Allowing me to breathe, critique, and move forward in a meaningful way. Thank you for that.


"Dear Anton..." Gaea Schoeters writes an open letter in Rekto Verso

Gaea Schoeters, journalist & author, wrote a poignant open letter to me about The Blue Skies Project in the insightful cultural magazine Rekto:Verso. It’s like she was able to take a peek into my soul, so wonderfully astutely written:

The Blue Skies Project on 1000 Words Photography Magazine

Martin Barnes (Senior Curator, Photographs at Victoria & Albert Museum London) wrote a poignant essay about The Blue Skies Project (an essay that will feature in the published book). Tim Clark from 1000 Words Photography Magazine published a random selection of blue sky photographs, along with this very text. A wonderful combination.