Anton Kusters 

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Zero (2021-)

The cycle of works in Zero find their origin in a visual investigation of 3479 peel-apart polaroid negatives, all irreversibly damaged.

Through this surface damage in the shape of scratches, fingerprints, tears and dust – all of which de facto erased the originally captured images – the viewer only sees what now stands in between.

In this way, a different dialogue is proposed, an alternate entry point into something that has become unknowable.

Ongoing series

Pigment ink, paper, blockwood panel, washi

The cycle currently contains 11 works:

Zero.I (2021)
Zero.II (2021)
Zero.III (2021)
Zero.IV (2021)
Zero.V (2021)
Zero.VI (2021)
Zero.VII (2021)
Zero.VIII (2021)
Zero.IX (2021)
Zero.X (2021)
Zero.XI (2021)