On Your Shoulders
The Tree Behind the Wall

Pon Pon (2022)
The Classroom Floor (An Archaeology of Potential)
Gaston’s Slides
Future Amber

Zero (2021-)
Vessel Nº1 (2021)
There is Nothing Here (2021)
The Blue Skies Project (2018)
The Preservation of Negatives
Cutting Trees / Black Mountain

Gavin (2020)
Seven Stations of F.M.I.R. (B.N.) (2019)
Two Hundred and Sixty-nine Steps, Looking Up (2017)
Caduta Massi — w. Ivan Sigal
La C.H. (2015-)
Failed State — w. Jan Swerts
Image by Image (2016-2017) — w. Ivan Sigal
Blind Spots
Mono No Aware (2014)
Yakuza (2011)
I Was A Dog