Anton Kusters 

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Two Hundred and Sixty-nine Steps, Looking Up (2017)

The installation “Two Hundred and Sixty-nine Steps, Looking up” is a reflection on the act of violence, how we choose to look at or look away; it is a representation of the dynamics of viewer and subject-position by altering it.

The work is the result of an intensive research into the history of the Wöbbelin SS concentration camp in Germany, Where upon liberation of the camp in 1945, Lieutenant James M. Gavin forced the inhabitants of the surrounding villages to walk a formal inspection route throughout the camp, to witness the suffering and atrocities that had taken place.

The installation includes the single panel photographic print Gavin (2020), presented outside of the room.

Sequential image loop, 4K (16:9), no sound
Vertical projection, duration 269 seconds
Dimensions variable 

Mass grave
Barrack no. 58
Water pump
Barrack no. 59
Barrack no. 56
Barrack no. 57