The Blue Skies Project (2018)

The Blue Skies Project consists of two artworks in dialogue with each other:

  • One Thousand and Seventy-eight Blue Skies (2018)
  • The Tracking of One Thousand and Seventy-eight Blue Skies (2018) by Ruben Samama

These core artworks are supplemented by several independent platform initiatives and connected works in a combined long term effort. The Blue Skies Project is curated by Monica Allende.

Peel-apart instant film mounted on aluminium sandwich panel, wood. Datasheet
Installation dimensions variable (987,6 x 145 x 85 cm)
Generative audio piece with visual component, duration 4775 days


    • V&A Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK
    • ICP International Center for Photography, New York City, US
    • FoMu FotoMuseum Antwerp, BE

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