An Intimate Heavens Preview in Liège

detail of Heavens installation polaroids

A few months ago, not only was the YAKUZA exhibit hosted in 3 locations across the city of Liège (what a tremendous honour that was), but I also got the chance to show an intimate preview of HEAVENS at Monos Art Gallery.

I'm currently showing the first 48 original polaroids from the skies above the 48 camps of Auschwitz during the Second World War.

As you might have read here before, HEAVENS is a large conceptual photography project in which I set out to photograph the skies above all 1,072 concentration camps from the Second World War... every time exhibiting and selling the previous polaroid to be able to make the next polaroid... and at the very end bringing everything together in a huge, heavy, book.
More on that soon.

Here is the exhibit text on the wall in Liège:



The heavens above us: pure, beautiful and everlasting, they literally connect all people on earth. We're all born under these blue skies and we all die underneath them, ever since the dawn of time. Heaven above is the ultimate context for us all.

These are the forty-eight heavens exactly above the forty-eight Nazi concentration camps of Auschwitz during the Second World War. Three main camps and forty-five sub-camps, all located within a radius of approx. 100km in Poland and the Czech Republic.

This is a work in progress. In the end, this work will contain no less than one thousand and seventy-two heavens, every sky photographed above every Nazi concentration camp that ever existed.

Unfortunately, we will never be able to know exactly how many died beneath each heaven. Not even exactly how many camps there were. Like an ultimate irony, sometimes, even in death, a human being does not count.

Yet we are connected to what happened. It seems as if the sadness contained within all these heavens together is larger than what one person can experience, more than what one person can bear.

But can sadness ever transcend what a single human being can feel?

Can one add up all the heavens above, and arrive at something larger, something more encompassing?

What is the weight of history?


Fingers crossed it brings good things to everyone involved, so I can continue and finish the project in the upcoming months and years. (more on how you can support soon!)


all the best, a