A dreamy girl
Six years old always happy
Gets up in the morning does her hair
Diabetes the number one kind

Playing with friends
Riding the bike
Four insuline injections
Each and every day

Barbie dolls and trampolines
Beaches, oceans and corn flakes
Seven daily blood checks
Baby-G with six alarms

Intimate, close
Always happy
Sometimes pain
She’s an angel.



Birgit is a six year old sweet kiddo. She’s just been diagnosed with diabetes. This story is about how, through her, I myself am being confronted with the fact that her illness is much more of an issue to me than it is to her. She taught me a lesson there... The things that are on top of a kid’s list, should in fact be on top of anyone’s list:

Life is about playing with friends and family and having fun as much as you possibly can.

These images are freeze-frames of her daily life. Random. Lots of different moments. Bare essentials.

There is no beginning and no end. A collection without order. You might recognise inside, outside, darkness, light, a bike, a bed or even a beach.

Just try to hear the laughter, hear the playing... Remember your own childhood... Feel like you’re there up close with her, her brother and her sister. Sometimes she'll notice you and say hi. Sometimes she'll play and laugh with you until her stomach aches. Sometimes you feel like you need to let her be, dreaming.

She stares into the sea.


Sugar was shot over a period of 6 months in 2007 and 2008, starting right after Birgit was diagnosed with diabetes. She was only 6 years old at the time.


I've made a few book concepts and models for the SUGAR story, but it seems like I've not found the perfect form for publication just yet. Time will tell, and original prints will be coming too. See an overview of the work & products here:

Publications | Press & Media

Sugar has had the great honor to have been published on BURN magazine as their opening story when the magazine launched, and has been part of exhibitions in Europe. An exhaustive list can be found here: